About You

You’ve read how Elliot and Charlie decided to launch The Massage Company in the UK and the vision they had to replicate the success seen in the sector in the US. As you read this I hope you are inspired by their story and had your interest roused in possibly replicating their success here in the UK; because this is what franchising is all about – replicating a proven business system.

Key to any franchise model is the franchisee / franchisor relationship. Both parties are interdependent. The franchisor supplies the franchisee with their business model and provides continuous training and support, whilst the franchisee rigorously applies the systems and processes that the franchisor has proved are critical to running a successful business in their sector.

Not everyone who is interested in a franchise will be suitable for it and it is the responsibility of the franchisor to ensure that any candidates meet the criteria that they know to be necessary.

You have already heard from Charlie that since this is a brand-new concept in the UK you are more likely to have an ‘early adopter’ mentality. The first outlet in Camberley has traded well but as yet it has a limited history.

As a franchisee of The Massage Company, you will be instrumental in changing the way people view and consume massage. You will help challenge the current business status quo and play a key part in growing an industry like never before. By investing your time and money in The Massage Company, your franchise will not only provide you with a source of income, but we believe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll want to expand to become a multi-unit franchisee.