Business & Operations Training

There’s a lot to think about when you become a franchisee, and your success will depend on a number of different factors coming together in just the right way. It can be a very challenging process, but also a very rewarding one, and The Massage Company will be guiding you every step of the way. They have an established programme of training and support that will give you everything that you need to get your franchise off to a great start, and ensures that you can deliver the consistently high level of service that The Massage Company has become famous for.

Setting up a pre-launch timeline

Franchisees will initially work very closely with Charlie Thompson, The Massage Company’s Operations Director. He will guide you through a timeline of training and support leading up to the opening of your centre, assess your needs, and make sure that a comprehensive plan is drawn up.

Digital Sales & Marketing
Franchisees will be introduced to The Massage Company’s successful methods for sales campaigns and marketing, including social media, advertising and lead generation. You will also be trained on how best to handle online enquiries from multiple platforms and turn them into bookings.
Recruitment Training
Detailed training on how to recruit the right staff for your centre in conjunction with a third-party recruitment specialist. At this stage, you will look at how to assess the appropriate roles required within your franchise, as well as effective methods to source and recruit the best possible personnel. They will also cover how to induct and train your staff so that they are confident in meeting the exacting standards of the brand.
Operations & Technical Training
As your team starts to take shape, you and your front-of-house staff will be invited to join TMC at their Camberley HQ to work alongside us during the daily operation of the centre. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your staff to see a successful operation in action, and familiarise yourselves with everything that is involved. It will also give you the chance to identify any areas of training or knowledge that need to be addressed before you take on the roles yourselves. You will learn how to handle bookings and payments, as well as going out on events to help develop and promote the brand.
Advanced Sales Techniques
A detailed walkthrough of our specialist sales techniques, developed over many years of successful trading. Special emphasis will be given to how to convert enquiries into sales, and how to convert first time customers into those all important monthly paying members. TMC will also support you in starting your own marketing initiatives and generating interest in your centre ahead of its opening.