Some Much Needed Me Time #whichoneismummy

For months I’ve been brushing aside any of those regular pregnancy ailments, as we were both so uncertain about what was going to happen with this pregnancy. But now we have made it passed the 24 week milestone, with the bump growing substantially, and I haven’t had any further worrying episodes, I’ve started to actually believe we will be having a baby soon! It’s a happy reality for sure and I’m getting pretty excited. Can’t wait to meet our littlest tiny human and get them here safe.

Usually pregnancy is pretty good on me. (I’m sure Lynz will say otherwise, as she is always saying she is sick of me moaning, but thankfully she hasn’t used the words “hormonal” and “irrational” – YET!) After the initial sickness up to week 12 or 13, I only usually suffer with some aches and pains as time goes on. This time is no different and now those back pains have started to creep in.

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely take time for myself. I know I should, and I mean to, plus Lynz encourages it, but it just never really happens. It’s weird how you can feel suffocated with everything going on in your life and the kids can be exhausting, yet the thought of taking some time out from it seems absurd, sometimes even selfish! Anyway, I managed to get myself booked in for a pregnancy massage to help alleviate those aches and pains.

I went to The Massage Company. They have four locations in the South, and they run either one-off bookings or a monthly subscription. In the past, I would’ve thought a monthly subscription to a massage sounded a bit of a luxury, but then I started having them and really felt the benefits – emotional and physical wellbeing right there!!!

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