The Massage Company – Review

As a mum of two little girls, Isla Jean – 3 years old, and Poppy Grace – 9 weeks old, I get very little time to myself. I mean I’m not even joking when a 30 second trip to the toilet when I don’t have to rush because someone is shouting me, or crying, or knocking something over, it honestly feels like a holiday! The prospect of having an hour to myself to have a massage sounds like an absolute dream. I spent a long time mulling over the website for The Massage Company trying to decide which massage to have, and I was lucky enough to choose two as I’d been offered a massage at the flagship Camberley centre as well as the recently opened High Wycombe centre.

I had my first massage at Camberley and chose to have a deep tissue massage. The centre is super easy to find, with it being right next to the train station in the centre of town. There’s a car park right opposite, so parking is really simple. The staff were friendly from the very start. I was given a consultation form to fill out which covered things like what pressure I preferred (light, medium or firm) where, if anywhere, I don’t want to be touched, or anywhere I want them to focus on, and any medical issues.

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