Review of The Massage Company

A couple of years ago, I was invited to come and try out a full body massage at the Massage Company in Camberley. Then last month they invited me to come back and have another massage, to see how the company has improved.

I’m very fond of massage, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity to revisit one of the most fun things I have done as a blogger.
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What do you think of when somebody says the word massage?

Is it one of the following?

  1. A relaxing treatment you might get as part of a spa package. Feels nice, smells nice but is more relaxing than therapeutic
  2. Something you might get at a physiotherapist when something has gone wrong with your body. Usually painful but it does you good
  3. Something a bit “ooo – errr missus” that you might get in a seedy establishment – a euphemism for something else …?

I think if I spoke to a lot of women they would say 1 or 2, and a lot of men would say 2 or 3. My husband is very squeamish – he has had a painful number two at the physio – is in horror of a number three, and can’t imagine why I might find massage relaxing!

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