Potential Suitable Locations of Interest

The Massage Company has opportunities to open centre across the UK so these aren’t the only locations they are looking for franchisees. These are locations where some suitable sites have been identified to set up a a Massage Company centre. The premises fit their property specifications.

If you are interested in finding out more and have around £150,000 liquid capital to fund the franchise and site set-up then do get in touch.

Suitable locations are across the UK – these are ‘current’ sites that have been identified:

• Wandsworth
• Ilford – site direct connection into new CrossRail station
• Oxford
• Buckinghamshire
• Hampshire
• Surrey
• Wembley
• Manchester
• Bristol
• Essex

The next steps would be:

Book a call – we can find out more about you and go through your initial questions
Attend a Discovery Day Meeting in Camberley