The Massage Company – Sutton Coldfield – REVIEW | AD

As a busy Mum of three children, I rarely get a lot of quality time for myself. Rarely! It’s just hard isn’t it? You focus so much of your time looking after them, school jobs, tidying, washing, working and by the time they are in bed, you want to collapse. I’m lucky that I do manage to get the gym in the mornings and my Mum is around more now, so is able to look after the little man, so I am trying to do a few more things when I can. As he is still breastfeeding, I can’t leave him over night just yet but I can have some time during the day! When I was offered a massage with The Massage Company, I bit their hand off!

I know when I go to the gym, that I do get some aches and pains in my lower back and knees, especially after having knee surgery in the past. The issue is I have a time window to work out and I have to come home. This is not great for fitting a stretching session in, which I know is not good! I’ve been told in the past my shoulders are tight, so I was expecting to need a good massage!

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