Massage made more accessible by TMC

I headed to the Tunbridge Wells location, the first UK franchise TMC centre which is open seven-days a week and until 9pm on weekdays, so ideal for the average 9-5 worker. With a choice of deep tissue, sports, Swedish or maternity massages, I opened for the tension-reducing deep tissue option to reduce my general back and neck groans; all stereotypical ailments of an office worker.

I was offered a choice of four upgrades; the use of hot stones, a scalp massage, aromatherapy or foot massage. Keen to see how massage is incorporated with foot services, I chose the latter, and after filling in my consultation room in the bright reception area, I was led to one of the treatment rooms by therapist, Abby.

A world away from the busy high street outside, the room was painted in calming hues with soothing music playing while I prepared for the treatment and laid on the treatment bed.

The treatment began with the use of a massage machine on the soles of my feet, which served to drive circulation to the area and improve mobility and long-term stiffness. Abby then moved up to work on my legs, shoulders and arms, before I turned over and the treatment continued up and down my legs, arms and onto my hands.

Feeling rejuvenated and with loosened muscles, Abby left the room so I could dress, and I was greeted thereafter with a glass of water and my future recommendations; massage up to twice a month, with hot stones advised to help reduce tension in my shoulders and lower back.

The staff members – all boasting prestigious qualifications in the field of massage – were wonderfully friendly and considerate, and the process from start to finish was comfortable, concise and streamlined.

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