Finding and securing premises for your Centre

As soon as the Franchise Agreement has been signed you will be introduced to your property search partner. A reduced rate has been negotiated with one of the most prestigious firms in the UK with full UK wide coverage. They will help you find a property, negotiate with the landlord and drive your property negotiations to completion – they only get paid once you have keys to the building. There is no online portal that has every UK commercial property listed, it is not an easy search as with residential property and most commercial buildings never come to the open market – indeed most units that reach web portals have been passed over by the majority of retailers as being unsuitable.

Matt Gillson of CBRE has been appointed to work with you in securing a suitable property. However, franchisees will be expected to do their own local research to support the CBRE activity as they may be able to identify suitable premises before they come onto the market, for example by spotting a ‘Closing Down’ sale or seeing a comment in the local press that a business is planning to relocate from premises that might suit a Massage Company site.

It is important that you understand that a landlord’s most important criteria from a tenant is their strength of covenant. By using an internationally recognised property agent and the Number 1 property agent in the UK you increase your chances of persuading landlords to rent a property to you.
Included in the fee is a PROMIS report which examines the demographics of your chosen territory to ensure that there are enough potential customers and households in the area and within a fifteen minutes travel time.