Training Academy

In a recent article, John Holman, Director of Massage Training at The Massage Company, has explained how he became involved with Charlie and Elliot prior to their forming the company in 2016.

A leading light in the world of massage, (many customers at his own clinic book their treatments a year in advance to ensure that they can get in!) he has been focussing his efforts for almost 30 years on providing high quality, effective massage and for 28 years has been teaching massage and applied anatomy. However, he is not simply a teacher – he is also an educator – focussing on both therapists and their clients and on debunking some of the myths surrounding massage. It is not possible, he says, to have ‘a knot in a muscle’ nor can cancer be spread by massage, a common misunderstanding.

Over the years he has learned how to protect his back and his wrists, two areas where therapists often develop problems because of the repetitive nature of their work. This has led him to produce a massage regimen for The Massage Company that not only gives their customers a high-quality, therapeutic massage but is also designed to protect their therapists from the problems of repetitive strain injuries. In this way he has extended the working lives of many therapists whilst benefitting their customers.

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