Training Academy

When you have your premises and staff in place, we will arrange for our Director of Massage Training, John Holman, to visit your site and deliver his expert training to your therapists. You can read more about John below.

John has been instrumental in developing a whole new standard for the quality of massage in the UK, and his training will ensure that your therapists are delivering the consistently high-quality treatments that The Massage Company is known for.

More effective treatment

John set out to develop a unique methodology that would be at least 40-60% more effective than any other form of massage in the industry, and it is this expertise that will be passed onto your staff. This is based on his thorough and detailed knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, and his deeper understanding of how massage actually impacts health and well-being as opposed to less scientific methods. A large part of his training programme centres on helping practitioners to identify commonly held misconceptions and focus on the most effective ways to deliver treatment for maximum effect. This powerful approach to treatment is key to The Massage Company’s success and to keeping your customers coming back for more.

More sustainable treatment

John’s methods are not only designed to make the massage more effective, but also to make the delivery of the massage less stressful on the therapist themselves. His techniques cause less strain on the hands and back of the therapist, and are designed to protect them as much as benefit the recipient. This will allow your therapists to use their energy more efficiently and continue to deliver high-quality treatments to a large number of customers. John will demonstrate how scientific methodology and anatomical knowledge can be used to deliver correct pressure and technique without risk of injury or exhaustion.