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Get the full picture of the financial elements of being a Franchisee.

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Investment & Requirements

Min. Liquidity Requirement
Min. Net Worth Requirement
Estimated Initial Investment
£300,000 - £500,000
Estimated time to open
9 - 18 MONTHS
Deposit To Reserve Territory
Only £4.995*
* Refundable minus expenses

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial Franchise Agreement is for a period of 10 years.

We recommend £100,000 in accessible funds. If you are close to this amount business partnerships are welcome but we want you to be the main shareholder.

The TMC business model is quite simple and once the rent and fit-out costs are known many of the other costs are also fixed.  An external partner will help you prepare a Business Plan and they provide a cashflow forecast and historical averages, so you are able to look at the different scenarios.

TMC is a low fixed cost business so your variable costs can increase and decrease with demand. As your business grows your investment does, if customers are not coming through the door you can reduce your costs. Business ownership does not have to be scary and if you are committed, with no excuses, to driving top performance from your business then you will see a tough economy as nothing more than something to overcome.

You may never have considered franchising a business before. Franchising is in its simplest form a way for you to enter into an industry will all the experience and support of the Franchisor available to you to help you open and run a successful business.

You may have looked to franchise a gym as you like the Health & Wellness sector but want something “new”. You may have explored a care franchise as you like helping people but would like something premises based and more in the Health & Wellness sector than care. You may just by #Opentowork and never really considered franchising before. The Massage Company offers a new way of delivering a traditional service – it’s a concept that takes the best bits of lots of different industries: care by great therapists; the membership model from gyms and the training & educational elements from the best training academies from around the world.

We will be there proactively supporting you through your whole journey. You may have been searching for Business for Sale or looked at Business Opportunities but want support for longer than a previous owner might stay to support you.

Our success is linked to your success, so it is important to us that you succeed in your venture. The advantages of a franchise go far beyond the support and it’s the brand, the systems, the processes and procedures that all come together to ensure you have a distinct advantage to ensure your best chance for success.

Banks & Credit

The Massage Company has a number of long-standing relationships with banks who can lend to Franchisees. HSBC, Lloyds, Natwest and Barclays have specialist Franchise Teams who know The Massage Company business model.

The Massage Company has been pre-approved as a franchise system by all these major banks and subject to credit will accept a credit application based on the results of the franchisees who have gone before you.

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The minimum cash you will need is £100k (without the bank).
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