The Massage Company Franchise

How a monthly massage habit can help you make money hand over fist

The first company into a market usually has an unassailable long-term advantage – Pepsi has never caught up with Coca Cola, for instance – so opportunities to get in on the ground floor deserve serious consideration.

And when the service on offer is habit-forming, in an entirely beneficial way, the rewards for those first into the market include a regular income-stream as standard.

That’s why, after a phenomenal amount of research and development, we at The Massage Company are bringing mainstream monthly massages to an entirely new market.

We’re not offering the om-chanting, incense-heavy, potted-palmed and punitively-priced experience of a luxury hotel or spa, nor are we providing sports massages that pummel people to within an inch of their personal best.

No. We’re offering high quality, relaxing massages, delivered by highly-trained expert therapists, using our own world-class oils – an experience that clients are happy to come back for, month after month.

You won’t find our centres in a room above a newsagents, either. Our TMC centres have up to 15 massage studios in each and up to 1,000 regular clients a month.

In fact, all of our centres are booked to capacity – a good indication of the seemingly insatiable demand for the right massage at the right price in the right place.

We’ve taken the best things from the spa experience plus the main factor in the success of gyms – the membership model – and combined them into a formula that’s proven to be an astonishing success for our franchisees and an opportunity-on-a-plate for those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Ask the clients at our centres what they think and they’ll tell you they’d rather give up their cars or Prosecco than give up their monthly massage with TMC.

They’ve got the habit – and that means a regular monthly income for our franchisees.

We have no serious competitors, for now, and territories available throughout the UK, so if you’d like to know more about becoming either an Owner-Operator, running your own show, or an Owner Investor, in which we provide someone to run your centres for you, please CTA.