Multi-Centre Investment Opportunity

Fully Managed Centres

As an Owner-Investor franchisee you leave everything to us, enjoying the profits from your investment and remaining free to concentrate on the rest of your portfolio.

Commoditisation of an industry offers big rewards to the leaders. The Massage Company have started a revolution, disrupting this category of the care and wellness industry with a refined membership-based business model, developed and proven here in the UK.

Care is saturated, gyms have every level of the market covered from low-cost to boutique. Mainstream massage is genuinely new, with no current competitor and a seemingly insatiable demand and very impressive growth trajectory.

The Massage Company Franchise Values

Fast-growing sector

The Massage Company sits within the Health, Beauty and Wellness industry. The Health and Wellness sector is predicted to be worth £5.9bn in the UK in 2023.

(Source: IBISWorld)

The Massage Company Franchise Dashboard

Full MI Visibility

We are a technology-led company with decades of experience in the industry. Our senior team will meet regularly with you, ensuring you have complete visibility of operational performance, but you won’t have to lift a finger as our managers and the staff they hire get on with the day-to-day business of running your TMC centre or centres for you.

Leadership Team

The concept of regular, accessible, massage for the mainstream was developed from an intricate knowledge of the spa industry. With over 25 years operating in this arena, founders Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker spotted the gap in the market. There is an explosion in treatment and wellness: their passion is to bring massage to the mainstream, and to grow the market.

Leveraging their high level networks of suppliers and sales partnerships, Charlie and Elliot developed The Massage Company, opening their first centre in Camberley in 2016. The dynamic team has grown to support the growth of the business.

Elliot launched, built & sold thriving multimillion-pound business Murad - now owned by Unilever (FTSE 100). His passion is the Health & Wellness sector, to which he’s dedicated his career. For TMC his focus is on strategic growth & scaling the business in the UK & internationally.

Elliot Walker

Founder and CEO

The Massage Company Murad Unilever
Charlie has a background in large, multi-site operations including Virgin Active & served 7 years as Chairman of the UK Spa Association. His experience gives a keen understanding of, & insight into, the UK & international massage therapy market.

Charlie Thompson

Founder and MD

Management Franchise
The Massage Company Staff

Louise Jelley

National Operations Manager

The Massage Company Staff

John Holman

Director of Massage Training

Now is the time

Invest in a Franchise

For our incoming franchisees, the pandemic is presenting huge opportunity to snap up previously unaffordable properties. Unprecedentedly-low rents and leases are available from landlords who are only too keen to have reliable income backed by the power of the franchise network.

That means lower initial investments and lower running costs, meaning your centre or centres can be even more profitable.

At c.£500K per centre and favourable bank funding options, investors will be looking to invest between £170K and £700K to add a multi-centre operation to their portfolio.


You’ll be running a high margin, positive cash flow business – which means great ROI as you establish your centre or centres.

Each TMC centre typically has up to 12 massage therapy rooms, 20-30 staff and up to 2,000 clients a month.

The potential returns of owning one or more of our centres are significant – see below for headline figures to give an idea of the scale of the opportunity. We manage the centres for you – the costings of this service and a full and transparent breakdown of the financials will be supplied during the investment process.
The Massage Company Investor Multi Centre

Four Centres


£700K + funding

Net Profit (established centre)

£800k p.a.

Potential Asset Value


The Massage Company Investor

Single Centre



Net Profit

£200K+ p.a.



Please note that these figures are projections based on centres operating in the UK currently and are not a guarantee of future performance.

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Next steps

Investors in The Massage Company are given the information they require, based on our company values of transparency and openness. We need to know that you are the right business partner for us, and you need to establish whether the business opportunity is the right one for you. You’ll get answers to all of your questions – we look forward to discussing it with you.

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