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The story behind the overwhelming demand for The Massage Company – and the success it can bring you

As we emerge from two years of challenges and isolation caused by the pandemic, there has never been a greater focus placed on individuals’ physical and mental wellbeing. 

And that renewed emphasis is transforming businesses. Perhaps surprisingly to some – but certainly not us – the global wellness market is predicted to reach $7tn in value by 2025 according to the Global Wellness Institute*. 

The Massage Company is already seeing this growth. Our unique and flexible membership model means we provide thousands of clients across the country with reliable, regular, high-quality massage services.  

Indeed, once our new centres open later in 2022 and 2023, we will be carrying out more expert massage treatments in the UK than any other company. 

But why has massage become so essential to so many people? 

Solving more than just aches and pains 

The traditional assumption of those seeking a regular massage is their desire to alleviate strains and pains – most commonly in their neck, back, and shoulders.  

While this remains the most popular reason why people seek quality treatments, the benefits of massage to clients’ mental health is becoming increasingly important. 

Deep tissue, sports, Swedish and maternity massage – all services The Massage Company centres offer – are amazingly effective treatments for people who suffer with anxiety, stress, depression, and even PTSD. 

The life-changing benefits of recurring massage are becoming increasingly well-known. Naturally, this has boosted demand for professional, top-tier massage services. 

In getting to know clients up and down the country, we have also identified just how many of our members simply enjoy the reliability of a warm welcome and engaging face-to-face interaction every time they step through our doors – especially having endured so many months of social isolation during the pandemic. 

Thanks to our subscription service, members can look forward to a five-star experience from our dedicated team every single month. 

Ensuring accessibility with an explosion in demand 

The forced closure of spas, gyms, and specialist centres during the pandemic meant many people fell behind on their massage treatments. It’s also a regrettable fact that during this time, countless self-employed and freelance massage therapists left the industry in search of a new career.  

Life returning to normal, combined with fewer alternative destinations for clients to receive massage treatments, has also contributed to a strong surge in demand at The Massage Company. We are now the go-to provider, with all existing franchises fully subscribed and seeing a growing waiting list for services. 

All these factors have converged to create a fantastic opportunity for those looking to capitalise on record demand in a thriving sector by launching their own TMC franchise. 

Reap the rewards of running your own business 

The ethos behind The Massage Company is simple: affordable, accessible massage for the mass market. Our membership-based model is revolutionising the industry and it can change your life immeasurably for the better, too. 

An investment of £170,000 plus funding will get you set up in one of our prime available locations, putting you in the heart of a booming sector. You’ll be running a high-margin, positive cash flow business, which means great ROI as you establish and grow your centre. 

Each centre typically has between 12-15 massage therapy rooms, 20-30 staff, and up to 2,000 clients per month. In time, you have the potential to enjoy net profits of up to £220,000 per year, with an asset value of £1m. 

There is also scope to open additional centres and stretch your earning potential as you grow. 

Now is the time to diversify 

If you are already a business owner – perhaps in sectors such as hospitality, retail or fitness – now is the perfect time to get involved in the burgeoning health and wellbeing market. 

As well as an owner-operator model, we also offer an owner-investor model. In short, this enables the diversification of your business portfolio without taking you away from existing commitments – allowing you to oversee your centre’s growth and enjoy the returns. 

Find out more 

The Massage Company is in the midst of an incredibly exciting time of expansion. Why not join us on the journey? 

To find out more about our franchise model and request a prospectus, you can phone us on 0800 488 0341 or email