How The Massage Company’s Training Academy is revolutionising the industry for both franchisees and clients

Driven by an intense desire to boost physical and mental health, the demand for high-quality massage treatments is at an all-time high.

The Massage Company is leading the way in meeting this surge throughout the UK. Powered by our revolutionary, membership-based franchise model, we are bringing massage to the mass market – enabling everyone to improve their wellbeing through the power of massage.

All our existing centres are currently operating at full capacity, but the roadmap to rapid growth in every corner of the UK is clear.

TMC plans to have 150 centres open throughout the country by 2030, providing an industry-leading place to work for approximately 3,000 professional massage therapists.

This will absorb a large chunk of the massage market, and requires the training of hundreds of new best-in-class therapists.

With this in mind, The Massage Company Training Academy was born – quickly becoming the gold standard in massage education.

What is The Massage Company Training Academy?

Launched in January 2022, The Massage Company Training Academy offers an initial bespoke six-week course. It has been meticulously designed to not only equip those enrolled with the expert skills and knowledge to become a fully qualified massage therapist, but also deliver unparalleled treatments to our clients.

The first course took place in High Wycombe and welcomed people who are looking to enter the industry with a professional qualification and having learned their new trade from the very best in the business.

The Training Academy is a multi-location educational service, with upcoming courses being provided in different sites across the UK in order to meet the demand for therapists in future franchise areas.

Meet the experts behind the course

The course was created by industry pioneer John Holman, our Director of Massage Training, who is recognised worldwide as one of the most foremost massage experts, with over 30 years of experience.

It is then delivered by Charlie Russell, a hugely experienced and talented massage therapist who is TMC’s training manager.

The hands-on course has been very carefully curated, ensuring the delivery of world-class treatments. To this end, John and Charlie ensured the Training Academy is fully internationally accredited and recognised – giving those who qualify fantastic career options, not least within The Massage Company’s growing franchise network.

Providing a pipeline of brilliant massage professionals to franchisees

To help meet the huge demand for our services, all those who meet our entry levels and qualify from The Massage Company’s Training Academy are guaranteed a job in one of our centres.

For franchisees, that means they can rely on a steady stream of fully qualified, professional massage therapists who meet The Massage Company’s industry-leading quality standards coming through to meet their business needs.

That’s just one of the many ways we work tirelessly to help you stretch your business goals.

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The ethos behind The Massage Company is simple: affordable, accessible massage for the mass market. Our membership-based model is revolutionising the industry and it can change your life too.

The Massage Company is in the midst of an incredibly exciting time of expansion. Why not join us on the journey?

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