3000 therapists story - Lisa Barden

Spa Guru joins The Massage Company on the Journey to 3,000 Massage Therapists

The Massage Company, the brand behind high-quality massage to the mainstream, appoints Lisa Barden as Franchise Operations Consultant. With a goal of over 100 treatment centres by 2030, recruitment, staff sustainability and retention, is foremost in the brands revolution in well-being.

As a multi-disciplined therapist herself, qualified trainer and having held prior positions with industry giants who pride themselves on progressive training, combined with a 25-year heritage of the spa and wellness industry, former Chair of the UK Spa Association and a founding member of the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care (SATCC) Lisa recognises the impact that great quality training has not only for the consumer, but also the longevity of a therapist’s career and lifespan within the industry.

An Executive Training Manager for many years and discovering aligned beliefs with The Massage Company and their ethos of qualitive training, monitored and advanced skill sets which don’t dissipate after the initial training. Lisa states – “TMC’s accredited/CPD training program demonstrates that we have a career path for committed therapists both nationally and I hope in the future, internationally too. Team retention, combined with progressive massage techniques is imperative for company growth, so quality training, therapist education and commitment to the individual is essential”

“I believe The Massage Company excels in its Gold Standard training at its very own Academy where both technical and treatment training are provided. With a dedicated training manager the academy provides on-going and on the job training. With renowned industry experts such as John Holman at the core of the brand training. There are two crucial requirements taught – How to deliver consistent, high-quality massage alongside protection techniques for the health of the massage therapists themselves, so they have career longevity. Lisa says “In an industry where therapists burn out, develop RSI through poor teachings of technique or methods of work. I understand their plight. I’m looking for amazing massage therapists to join the TMC team who have a passion for wellness and want to expand their expertise in Sports, Maternity, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. We’re as passionate about our people, and places of work as you are about learning new skills and holding a long-term career within the wellness industry”

Alongside recently appointed Louise Jelley – National Operations Manager and Franchise Operations Executive Katie Sheppard Payne –, Lisa states “My aim is to recruit over 3000 massage therapists for The Massage Company – so consumers are spoilt for choice on location, not expertise. Opportunities that will elevate both the brand and its employee’s knowledge, the next level in a massage therapists career path. I’m seeking both talented and novice massage therapists. I am thrilled to be the one who sources new talent”.

“It’s not just our consumer members who benefit from The Massage Company’s core values, those employed at TMC do too” states Lisa. “We want to enrich our members lives, by making the standard of massage available both great quality, yet affordable. So, we advocate our team members enjoy a monthly massage too (although our team members don’t need to pay!)

As The Massage Company readies for their phased expansion and roll out in Scotland with 10+ new centres with Franchise&, Lisa’s core focus for 2022 is the integral recruitment drive as The Massage Company accelerates centres both at home and around the globe.

Lisa resides in Hampshire with her partner and three children. She loves to cook, Yin Yoga and find moments for mindfulness. I love time in nature and being with my family.

Time to invest in your future and join the revolution in well-being? Whether you’re an operator or long-term investor. This revolutionary, category-disrupting health and wellness model has a clear vision: to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream. Share in the growth of this exciting emerging market segment and well-being revolution.

For further information on franchisee opportunities contact: www.massagecompanyfranchise.co.uk

For employment opportunities and a long-term massage career with The Massage Company, even if you’re a novice and want to embark on a new career path. Lisa says “TMC also offer an alternative advanced massage course, taking six weeks to qualify and a £3k investment could guarantee you a secure position with TMC at the end. We want to show our commitment to the industry and plans for future growth of the industry”

For further information on job opportunities and training contact: https://massagecompany.co.uk/jobs-with-us/

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